Murray & McCarthy Law’s criminal defense attorneys have significant experience in defending state, local, and federal criminal charges. Our award-winning attorneys have represented citizens accused of crimes ranging in severity from minor traffic violations and other misdemeanor offenses, to serious felony cases like interstate drug trafficking and homicide.

Criminal charges are never easy, and they are often the by-product of a difficult and traumatic personal experience. Murray & McCarthy Law’s criminal defense attorneys strive to protect our client’s constitutional rights while maintaining the dignity and respect that should be afforded to every person presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Murray & McCarthy Law’s criminal defense attorneys do not fear the power of the State and will hold the government to its burden of proof in every case on each element of every charged offense. You do not need to relive this trauma alone. A criminal charge can have immediate and devastating consequences on your life, reputation, and ability to thrive in society, and we will do everything possible to protect you from an intimidating, dehumanizing, and complex legal system.

In the eyes of Murray & McCarthy Law you are not a criminal. You are a citizen of equal value, and your rights–and life–will be defended.

With offices in Denver and Westminster, we serve clients throughout Colorado. Initial consultations are always friendly and confidential.

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Our dedicated team of criminal defense specialists is standing by to consult with you on your criminal matter. A criminal conviction can be life-altering. Don’t wait. The earlier in the criminal process you can engage counsel, the quicker your case can be resolved. Time is an ally of the State, let us build your defense today.


Traffic Offenses: Our attorneys have significant experience handling speeding tickets, reckless and careless driving offenses, and offenses related to driving under revocation or suspension. Our attorneys can help save your license and keep you moving forward.

Petty Theft and Municipal Ordinance Violations: Many crimes, while perceived to be minor, can have a lasting effect on things like employment, education opportunities, immigration status, and child custody disputes. Our attorneys have tried dozens of cases in local municipal courts and will fight to keep your record clean.

Driving While Intoxicated: A DUI, DWAI, or DUID can have serious consequences ranging from a simple fine to the suspension of your license to jail-time. A conviction for DUI that appears on your criminal record can affect employment, reputation, and professional licensing as well.  Our attorneys can assist in mitigating any damage for a charge of DUI, DWAI, or DUID.

Controlled Substances: Penalties for offenses involving controlled substances, drugs, or narcotics can entail significant jail-time and hefty financial penalties, including civil asset forfeiture. Skillful mitigation can often lead to the reduction of a felony drug offense to a more manageable misdemeanor charge, and our attorneys are always prepared to fight for your “not guilty” verdict at trial.

Arrest Warrants & Pre-filing Matters: If you have not been arraigned on a criminal charge yet but you’re aware of a warrant that has been issued for your arrest, we can work on your behalf to have the warrant withdrawn or to negotiate a surrender on terms most favorable to you.

Violent Crimes: A conviction for a violent crime will have lasting consequences. People accused of violent crimes often have affirmative defenses of which they’re unaware. Defense of property, for instance, is a valid defense to an accusation of violent offense–consult with our experienced team for a better understanding of your legal circumstance today.

Domestic Violence & Protection Orders: Our team has litigated hundreds of domestic violence accusations and worked diligently to protect our clients from overly aggressive and potentially invasive restraining orders. In Colorado, almost any disagreement between intimate partners can be categorized as a domestic violence crime, and flawed domestic violence charges are unfortunately all too common in Colorado courts. Defend yourself today.

Probation Violations: If you’ve already been placed on probation, then you likely know that the standard required to sentence someone to jail-time pursuant to a probation violation is significantly lower. Many defendants believe they’ve resolved their criminal cases only to be facing a potential jail sentence many months later for some minor technical violation or other misunderstanding. Our team has handled hundreds of probation revocation matters and can help you avoid the worst consequences of a revocation.

Expungements & Records Requests: If you’ve already litigated your case, completed your sentence or probationary period, and are looking to expunge your record or seal any other sensitive information, Murray & McCarthy Law’s defense team can help complete your journey through the criminal justice system.

À La Carte Services: Do you have a large bond obligation that needs reduction or modification? Do you have a protection order in place that needs to be updated, modified, or discontinued? Are you struggling to litigate your case on a limited budget? Murray & McCarthy Law’s criminal defense team can assist you on an issue-by-issue basis.  Contact us for more information today.


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