Areas of Focus: 

  • Commercial and Residential Lease Agreements,
  • Commercial and Residential Buy and Sell Agreements,
  • Commercial and Residential Lease disputes,
  • Title disputes
  • Quiet Title Actions
  • Partition Actions.

Our real estate attorneys assist both tenants and landlords in commercial and residential real estate negotiation and disputes.  Colorado real estate trends are constantly shifting.  We can help clients take advantage of the ever-changing supply and demand of available real estate in Colorado.  Prior to signing any commercial or residential real estate lease, you should have the lease reviewed by an attorney.  There are many provisions in leases that can be negotiated including triple net lease provisions, CAM costs provisions, indemnification provisions, and many others.  Do not assume that because you are a tenant you don’t have negotiating power!

Leases are often terminated before the expiration of their lease term. We can help parties resolve all disputes related to an early termination of a lease.  We have a proven track record of securing fair settlements, with each side leaving the table satisfied.  If the parties are unable to come to an agreement, we can help prosecute and defend breach of contract claims in the Colorado county, district, and federal court systems. 

Clients often have issues with joint ownership of properties.  If there is a dispute amongst property owners, we can help negotiate a fair buy-out of your interest, or alternatively request that the court supervise the process so that you can receive a large distribution from any sales proceeds.

Our attorneys can assist with the sale and purchase of commercial and residential properties.  Realtor commissions in Colorado are often 6% of the sales price of the Property.  We can negotiate every part of the transaction at a fraction of the price.  Clients will receive the benefit of having an attorney negotiate every step of the sales process, and we can draft quit claim deeds, warranty deeds, beneficiary deeds, and any other necessary deeds.  You will receive the benefit of both an experienced real estate attorney, at a reasonable rate. 

If a property is owned by a Trust or Estate, we can ensure that there are no title issues before passing the property to the beneficiaries.


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column1-image3      Partition Actions

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