Areas of Practice:

  • Business Formation,
  • Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws,
  • Operating Agreements for LLC’s,
  • Shareholder Agreements,
  • Partnership Agreements,
  • Business Contracts,
  • Business Succession planning and exit strategies,
  • Business Purchase and Sale Agreements,
  • Corporate Structures and Asset Protection,
  • Employment Agreements,
  • Independent Contractor Agreements,
  • Classification of Workers disputes,
  • Business and Commercial Litigation,
  • Confidentiality Agreements,
  • Letters of Intent,
  • Stock Purchase Agreements
  • Business Litigation

What you need to know about business law:

Putting together the right plan at the outset helps ensure your success for the long-term health of the business. Our Denver business attorneys help you design a business plan which will work for you, and will assist you in selecting the correct business entity for your strategic goals.  Business plans require careful planning, and clients must know the differences between a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, corporation, s-corporation, and know the pros and cons of each before making a selection that best suits their needs.

Our business attorneys will guide you through the process to ensure that your Articles of Incorporation / Organization, Bylaws, Operating Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, and Business Contracts are appropriately drafted and that you understand what they mean. Our attorneys deliver outstanding legal counsel on all issues related to assisting an individual in forming their business.

Drafting and executing these documents ensure that the business and you are protected. Putting together these documents is no easy feat and much too important for a one-size-fits-all internet-generated form. Our business attorneys work with you to formulate these documents to ensure they protect your rights in litigation. Our attorneys provide efficient and effective counsel throughout the process to provide the best experience to our clients and make sure your new business is not overcome with legal fees at the outset. Our attorneys know Colorado law and will make sure that those documents tailored to meet your business needs.

Once a business is formed:

After a client has formed a business and have begun operating, they often need assistance with employment law matters, master service agreements with third parties and vendors, independent contractor and employment agreements, confidentiality agreements, registering a trademark, lease negotiations, and other issues relating to the management of their business.  Our attorneys can assist with all of these issues.  Please contact our attorneys for a free consultation to discuss your business needs.

Selling, dissolving, liquidating, transferring, or otherwise exiting a business:

Our attorneys are able to advise clients on selling their interest in a business, selling the assets of their business, or dissolving, liquidating, or otherwise exiting a business.

Since Mr. Murray and Mrs. McCarthy both have their LL.M.’s in taxation, they can advise individuals and businesses on the tax consequences of the sale of assets, shares, membership interests, business liquidation, and all other business sales.  The tax consequences of the sale of an individual or corporations interest in a business can vary substantially depending on how the client structured their business, and depending on how they depreciated their assets.   Please contact our attorneys for a free phone consultation to discuss how we may be able to assist with helping you wind up your business.

What you need to know about Business and Commercial Litigation:

Let us fight for you to resolve your legal disputes. and business litigation As a business owner, you have built a business and now it’s threatened. We are here to help you work through and resolve your differences.

The attorneys at Murray & McCarthy Law have a combined 20 years of litigation experience, and can assist you with resolving your business disputes.

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column1-image1     Business Formation

column2-image1Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws

column3-image1Operating Agreements for LLC’s

column1-image2Business Contracts


column3-image1     Shareholder Agreements

column2-image1Independent Contractor Agreements

column3-image1Classification of Workers disputes

column1-image5Letters of Intent

column2-image1      Confidentiality Agreements

column3-image1     Business and Commercial Litigation

column1-image6     Stock Purchase Agreements

column1-image3      Employment Agreements

column3-image1     Business Succession planning and exit strategies

column1-image3     Corporate Structures and Asset Protection

column2-image1     Business Purchase and Sale Agreements


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